Oh god I need to shut up I’m gonna have dodgy blogs following me en masse
So many white boy dicks 馃樂 so gross


I want a boyfriend that I can wake up in the night cuz I’m horny…
鈥婰emme wake you up with my mouth and then you can fuck me to sleep 馃檴馃挅馃挅馃挅

Should I dye my hair back to blonde/light brown thooo? Oh oracle of style and finesse guide me with your fashionable wisdom


Black fading to aqua dip dye although a little over used, I still love them but fuck it, start a new wave black to forest green sounds sexy in my mind聽鈥ope, my ex just done that.

+ Black roots with anything that doesn鈥檛 clash skins tones sounds awesome.

鈥hink I just went full nerd / gay best friend :\


Hahahaha amazing
I’ve already had black fading to turquoise and forest green like early last year and white blonde and purple and and baby blue and baby pink I been had dat my little pony hair haha
I’m kinda over pastels/bright colours I want something natural-ish but kinda ‘edgy’ (I hate that word)
Decisions, decisions!
Now can you sort out my love life please ;’(